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How to create Rainbow Meringue Kisses

How to create Rainbow Meringue Kisses

Take your meringue kisses to the next level with this simple trick to create rainbow meringue kisses!

Firstly, make your glossy meringue mixture.  


Pop an open star nozzle into your piping bag and turn inside out. Paint stripes of each colour gel down the piping bag. Turn your piping bag the right way round and spoon in your meringue mixture.


Pipe your meringue kisses onto a baking tray lines with baking parchment, space the meringue slightly apart. For an chocolatey surprise in the centre of your meringues, place chocolate chips on the baking parchment and pipe your meringue kisses over the top!  


Bake your meringue kisses, they are baked when the easily peel off the baking parchment. 


Dip the base of your meringue kisses in melted chocolate and then dip in a mix of the Bright and bold sprinkles.


These meringue kisses are perfect for gifting or decorating a cake! 

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