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Hints & Tips

Kimberley has created some great hints and tips in partnership with Dr. Oetker, from rolling out your dough to using the correct butter for baking. These nifty little hints and tips are here to help you in your baking at home, so that your baking is even better every time with help from Dr. Oetker!

Baking with salt

Baking with salt

Always add a pinch of salt to sweet baking. You won't taste it but it will help to round out and enhance the flavours.







Level sandwich cakes

When making sandwich cakes a flat top is essential for a perfect finish. To achieve this, make a little dimple in the middle of the cake with the back of a spoon before baking. This will save you having to level it off with knife afterwards.





Using soy milk

Try substituting the water or milk for unsweetened soy milk in your enriched breads; it helps to create a softer, more delicate crumb.






Proving dough

When it comes to flavour, the slower the better. If you have the time, leave your dough to prove at room temperature for a couple of hours or in the fridge overnight.






Rolling Dough

When rolling out bread dough and pastry I always lift and very gently shake it to loosen it from the surface, this will help to prevent it from shrinking back dramatically when cutting and shaping.






Kneading dough

There is no need to add additional flour to the surface when kneading. As you work the dough the water will be absorbed and the dough will become shiny and smooth. A little flour is fine when just before shaping.






Storing eggs

Make sure you're eggs are at room temperature when making cakes. Fridge cold eggs will make the batter curdle.





Soaking fruit

Soaking dried fruit in hot water for at least 30 minutes before adding them to dough will help to prevent them from burning the oven. Soaking them in tea or warmed fruit juice will help to add more flavour to your bakes.






Unsalted butter

Unless otherwise stated in the recipe butter is always unsalted. The amount of salt added to salted butter varies and you could end up unbalancing the flavours in your recipe or ruining your buttercream.