The Joy of ASMR Baking

Ever scrolled through your social media feed and been drawn in by a calming video of someone cutting through layers of shimmering sand? Or maybe you get a lovely tingly feeling every time you hear someone gently whispering or humming? While it may seem strange, you’re certainly not alone!

These hypnotic noises and videos fall into something known as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) and they’ve become incredibly popular in recent months – especially for those seeking a new way to relax and unwind. The unique form of content occupies its very own space online and includes everything from clips of spaghetti being squeezed slowly out of a pasta maker to short videos of coloured slime being squished through someone’s fingertips. ASMR tends to fall into one of two categories: hypnotic video loops which are purely visual or self-soothing sounds that are a true treat for your ears. Intrigued but a little dubious by ASMR? Well the stats don’t lie. #oddlysatisfying has become its own online sub-section and managed to accumulate over 3 million Instagram hits, with almost all of them linked to ASMR videos.

If you love nothing more than whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, you might be excited to know that ASMR has also crossed over into the world of baking! In fact, videos tagged with #bakingasmr currently rack up over 15 million views on TikTok, with options showing everything from dreamy decorating techniques to simple yet pleasing step-by-step baking methods. So, if baking brings you joy, you’re bound to love ASMR baking.

Keen to learn more about this mesmerising – and often mouth-watering – meditative media trend? Discover why so many people are hooked on this type of content and how watching baking time-loop videos might actually improve your mood with our guide to ASMR baking.


With almost everyone leading increasingly hectic lives, switching off has become super hard for so many people. Thankfully, ASMR is an easy (and highly unique way) of doing just that! And when combined with baking – a therapeutic activity in itself – you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for relaxation.

When it comes to baking, you’ll discover a huge range of both aural and visual ASMR content. Aural could be anything from the sound of a spoon gently mixing batter to the clatter of chocolate chips being poured into a bowl. Visual on the other hand mainly focuses on hypnotic loops such as icing being piped expertly onto a cake.

So, what does all this mean for budding bakers? Well we all know how soothing baking is. It’s one of the reasons we love it. Add to this the soothing nature of ASMR and the two together are a dream team. Far more than just a social media trend , ASMR is even thought to have some major health benefits, especially when it comes to the brain. ASMR works in a similar way to meditation or mindfulness by helping you clear your mind and aiding you with controlling your breathing. It differs in the fact that ASMR assists the brain with regulating emotions, but without limiting its cognitive function. Basically, ASMR can be a great tool for keeping you focused AND keeping your emotions in check.

This is all down to the fact that ASMR content can trigger certain parts of the brain which deal with sensations and emotions. Something as simple as someone humming or the sight of chocolate dripping in slow motion can bring about a soothing sensation which often washes over the entire body, not only the mind.

Intrigued by this bizarre yet blissful content? Read on for some super satisfying examples of this enchanting digital trend…

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Whether you get a kick out of listening to satisfying sound snippets or you can’t resist pausing to watch a spellbinding video, here are a few awesome examples of ASMR baking content which are well-worth checking out next time you need a little pick-me-up:

Cake Decorating

A beautifully -decorated cake doesn’t just have to be pleasing to the eye and the taste buds! Why not discover a brand-new technique and simultaneously soothe your mind with some ASMR cake decorating? This kind of ASMR content is typically very visual and plays on the satisfying motions which go into decorating delicious bakes.

From watching cupcakes be perfectly piped to immersing yourself in slow motion videos of a dreamy drip effect being applied to a cake, there are so many options which will not only make you feel hungry, but (hopefully) also give you an overwhelming sensation of calm.

The proof is in the pudding, too, with #cakedecorating attracting upwards of 3 billion TikTok views and over 15 million hits on Instagram! Some of the best examples of ASMR cake decorating include:


Sweet, smooth and utterly scrumptious, buttercream is hands-down one of the tastiest cake toppings out there. And the motion of spreading it onto a cake with a palette knife can be incredibly satisfying which is why hundreds of videos have popped up all over TikTok.

It’s a great example of visual ASMR, with videos with #buttercream featuring over 800 million views on TikTok! If you feel inspired after watching a few spellbinding clips, why not learn how to create a rainbow ombre buttercream finish to decorate your next big bake?

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If you thought layering icing onto a sponge cake using a turntable was hypnotic, wait until you watch some ASMR videos of someone rhythmically piping buttercream onto a batch of tasty cupcakes.

Time loop clips of piping have proven to be a hit on TikTok, with #piping achieving upwards of 270 million views. If Insta is your social media platform of choice, you’ll also find over half a million hashtags linked to thousands of captivating videos.

As well as the basic swirly finishes applied to the tops of muffins, you’ll be able to be soothed by the sight of someone piping out a continuous whirl of luscious buttercream. Have a watch and then try it for yourself with our step-by-step guides on how to pipe a buttercream rope border.

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Drip cakes

Drip cakes are all the rage at the moment – and for good reason! As well as being an effortlessly fabulous way to take a basic layer cake from zero to hero, there’s something so satisfying about watching glossy chocolate ganache drip steadily down the sides of a freshly baked sponge…

As well as whipping up our ultimate triple chocolate ganache cake with an amazing drip effect in your kitchen, why not sit back, put your feet up and dive into the world of ASMR baking on your phone or tablet? Get drawn in by videos of someone piping drips around the edge of a cake using everything from yummy melted chocolate to silky homemade caramel.

There’s no shortage of ASMR baking content featuring #dripcake. Search on TikTok to find clips with over 210 million views or check out Instagram’s 2.8 million hashtags.

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Mirror Glaze Cakes

If you’re really looking to impress, you can’t go wrong with a tiered mirror glaze cake! This decorating technique involves pouring a mix of cream, sugar, gelatine, water and flavourings directly onto the top of a cake. Consistency is key, with a smooth, shiny surface the end goal.

#mirrorglazecake has proved popular over TikTok and Instagram too, with both platforms attracting 100 million and 75,000 hashtags respectively. Videos of glossy glaze being drizzled across the surface of a sponge cake are also brilliant ASMR baking options - and if it’s in slow motion, all the better...

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Cookie Decorating

Whether decadent chocolate chip or creamy peanut butter is your cookie flavour of choice, you’ll spot a huge range of ASMR baking content related to the humble biscuit. Most falls into the visual ASMR realm, with the most common type being hypnotic loop clips of yummy cookies being delicately decorated with things like fondant or royal icing.

Discover intriguing – and taste bud tingling – content by searching for #cookiedecorating. There are over 1.1 billion views of cookies being iced on TikTok, plus a whopping 1.5 million hashtags across Insta! Itching to add your own fabulous finishes to a batch of homemade biscuits? Check out our terrific guide to icing rainbow biscuits.

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Bake from Scratch

If it’s comforting sounds that you’re after, type #bakefromscratch into your search bar. The term has earnt over 580 million views on TikTok and 400,000 hits on Instagram. There’s a valid reason for that – and it’s not just from people hoping to improve their skills in the kitchen!

Bake from scratch ASMR content tends to zone in on all those soothing noises which are often heard during baking, whether that’s the whisking of eggs with a fork, the snap of a biscuit or the crinkling sound of a packet being opened. These sounds not only have the potential to lull you into a state of calm with their gentle repetition, but the step-by-step format of these clips can also bring about a real sense of satisfaction.

Why not enjoy the same benefits of watching a baking ASMR video in your own kitchen when you attempt one of our easy-peasy recipes? Our salted caramel brownies will have you creating all sorts of satisfying sounds. You’ll also feel a real sense of achievement once they’re out of the oven – a sensation which will undeniably boost your mood!

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There’s no denying that baking is an activity that can bring about real pleasure, both in the creation and the devouring of delicious treats!

And when it comes to its impact on the brain, it’s really quite simple. Gentle sounds and repetitive motions are everywhere when we bake, and studies now show that both can have a huge effect on the brain.

As well as collecting a delightful range of ASMR baking content to help inspire and soothe you, we’ve teamed up with an ASMR expert who’s helped explain in more detail exactly what it is about ASMR baking videos that’s got everyone talking:

“ASMR is soothing and relaxing because it activates the areas of our brains involved in empathy, emotions and affiliation. This neurological response is not dissimilar to when we form social bonds, groom ourselves or take care of others. It reduces our heart rate and stress levels, triggering our relaxation response.

Not everyone experiences ASMR, and for those who do, there are often strong individual preferences. In baking, this could be the crunch of cookies, the dripping of icing or someone perfecting their piping. The triggers, however, are often very similar. There’s a combination of aspects that amplify the effect, from delicate hand movements or a softly spoken baker to the sounds of mixing and the observing of baking preparation.

Baking ASMR is increasing in popularity online and studies are continuing to highlight new potential benefits of using ASMR regularly. As well as generally boosting our mood, ASMR baking is a great way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and find some peace and serenity away from our usual busy and hectic lives.”

Lee Chambers MSc MBPsS

Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant


Want to have your own calming baking experience at home? Beth, our resident baking expert, has some top tips for how to get relaxed when baking:

1. Before you start baking, pre-measure all of your ingredients into bowls or containers so you have them to hand for when the recipe needs them.

2. Remember to get out all off the equipment beforehand too. You don’t want to be fumbling around in your kitchen draws trying to find a whisk halfway through.

3. Why not pop on your favourite radio station or tunes. Baking is always more fun when you have some music to relax too.

4. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time so you’re not rushing, this way you can enjoy the baking and decorating process.

5. Whilst your bake is in the oven, make yourself a cup of tea to enjoy whilst the sweet smell of baking fills your kitchen.

6. Make sure your bake has fully cooled before you try decorating it, there is nothing more stressful than buttercream melting off your cake as it’s still warm.


Sometimes, it really is the small things which can make all the difference. And that’s certainly the case with ASMR baking.

Simple, feel-good tasks such as making a loaf of bread from scratch or whipping up a batch of muffins to ice already have the potential to de-stress us thanks to their straightforward methods and tasty results. With the addition of calming noises and hypnotic movements, it’s really no surprise that ASMR baking is taking off. And we’re certainly on board with it.

So, why not explore the effects of ASMR baking for yourself by searching for the above hashtags on Instagram or TikTok? You could also bring ASMR into your own kitchen with some of our show-stopping baking recipes.

From sensational savoury options to sweet treats with entrancing decorating techniques, there’s loads of yummy picks which play perfectly into ASMR baking. So, what are you waiting for?