While we may have all spent a lot more time indoors recently, that’s meant one thing for budding bakers – plenty of time to whip up a storm in the kitchen!

One major source of inspiration for fun food and drink ideas this year has been TikTok. The online video platform has seen people sharing all manner of exciting recipes, from cakes and cookies to everything in between! Whether you’re a beginner who wants to perfect the basics or you’re keen to go all-out with some truly creative – and delicious – bakes, you’ll find plenty of sweet and savoury trends to try yourself at home.

Keen to stay ahead of the curve with your baking? We’ve compiled a list of the hottest baking trends on TikTok, as well as some of our own personal favourites.


From mouth-watering mini pancakes to delicious drip cakes, there are so many TikTok baking trends that you can easily master in your own kitchen. Here we take a peek at some of the most viewed bakes to date and give you tips on how to recreate them:

1. Cloud Bread

Views: #cloudbread racked up 3.1 billion views!

Wondering what on Earth cloud bread is?! This totally unique baking trend has gained a huge following thanks to the fact it’s super simple to make. It’s basically a flour-free bread that’s made from just three ingredients: egg white, sugar and cornflour. It gets its name from its light and fluffy texture you get once the batter has been whisked together, dolloped onto a baking sheet and baked in the oven. Check out our recipe to make your own colourful Cloud Bread.   

2. Pancake Cereal

Views: #pancakecereal has around 1.6 billion views

Pancake Cereal is exactly what it sounds like – cereal that’s made up of fluffy mini pancakes. The mash up of two popular breakfast foods is not only delicious, but incredibly cute!  You’ll make them in the same way as American style pancakes, but then it’s all about dripping just tiny amounts of batter into the pan. Once ready, your pancake cereal can be eaten in a bowl with milk or with a drizzle of syrup and melted butter. Why not get creative with your pancake cereal by adding in some chocolate chunks, dried fruit or toasted nuts?


I’m never having normal cereal again #pancakecereal @astridnrdn

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3. Icecream Cake

Views: #icecreamcakes has clocked up over 477,400,000 views

A classic treat for the summer months, ice cream cakes have been back with a bang in the last year. There are all sorts of options to choose between when it comes to making these creamy cakes. Choose from alternating ice cream with the sponge to simply using several layers of different flavoured ice cream. Now you’re talking!  Keen to make an Ice Cream Cake? Our version sees you layering up orange, strawberry and vanilla ice cream to smother on top of a vanilla sponge and beneath a thick layer of soft meringue.


Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake!! #OtterlyDelicious

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4. Sugar Cookies

Views: #sugarcookies have over 348,900,000

While almost all cookie recipes tend to have sugar in them, sugar cookies take it one step further thanks to their sweet (and often very colourful) icing. They’re super easy to make, plus you can have loads of fun decorating them with icing, sprinkles and hundreds and thousands!  Why not have a go at making sugar cookies using our Easy Iced Doughnut Biscuits recipe? The perfect bake to try with kids, it’ll leave you with a batch of tasty doughnut-shaped biscuits decorated with vibrant icing. 

5. Drip Cakes

Views: #dripcakes attracted over 144 million views

This cake design trend may look very professional, but did you know that it’s actually super easy to create? Drip cakes have been popping up all over TikTok and get their name from the drip-effect decoration around their edges.  You can add a drip effect to almost any sponge cake – simply melt some chocolate and then pour it over your cake, allowing it to drip down the sides. Want to have a go at making a drip cake? Our moreish Chocolate, Raspberry and Honeycomb Cake features an incredible drip decoration in rich dark chocolate.

6. Money Cakes

Views: #moneycake got over 144 million views

Want to surprise someone with more than just a cake on their birthday? While they’ve been popular in Asia for years, money cakes have only recently become trendy on TikTok.  As their name hints, they’re cakes filled with cash! All you’ll need to do is make a decadent cake such as our Sprinkles Birthday Cake. Before you ice it, place some crisp banknotes in a sealed plastic pouch and tie a ribbon to the top. Roll the pouch up, make a hole in the centre of the cake to nestle it in and feed the ribbon back through the hole.  You can then cover the gap with icing and tie the end of the ribbon to a lollipop or candle. The result? When the birthday boy or girl comes to pull it out, they’ll also get a stash of cash!

7. Rainbow Cakes

Views: #rainbowcake racked up 131,800,000 views

Colourful and super creative, rainbow cakes have been seen all over TikTok this year! They’re perfect if you’re after a fun alternative to classic buttercream, plus they give you the ideal opportunity to practice your piping skills. Discover how to create a rainbow ombre buttercream finish in our easy-peasy tutorial. All you’ll need is a layered sponge cake, a big bowl of buttercream, a selection of different food colourings and a palette knife. 

8. Lava Cakes

Views: #lavacake clocked in over 115,600,000 viewsLike a mini science experiment (but one you can eat!), lava cakes are utterly delicious and have been a huge hit on TikTok. If you’re not sure what they are, lava cakes are individual chocolate sponges that feature a gooey, melt-in-the-mouth middle that oozes out when you cut into it.  Lave cakes are typically served hot with a dollop of ice cream or fresh cream. Have a go at making one using our Dark Chocolate Fondant recipe. You know this one will impress your friends and family at your next dinner party!


Now you’ve got the lowdown on TikTok’s most popular baking trends, we thought we’d share a small selection of our favourite bakes showcased on the platform. Here are six we simply can’t get enough of - all of which can be made in your own kitchen at home. 

Mirror Glaze Cake

Views: #mirrorglazecake has over 98 million views

The ultimate showstopper for a special occasion, mirror glaze cakes taste and look fantastic. As the name suggests, they’re cakes which feature a unique shimmering glaze. You might even be able to see yourself reflected back in it!


Get ready to impress with our magnificent Tiered Mirror Glaze Cake which features two-tiered sponge cakes covered in a gleaming mirror glaze. To achieve the ideal glossy texture, you’ll combine white chocolate, double cream and gelatine with your favourite food colouring. 


Views: #funfetti racked up 77,900,000 views

More of a decoration than a baking technique, funfetti is ideal for finishing off celebration cakes. All you need to do is use sprinkles to create the confetti effect – it’s fun and just a little bit creative too.


Our Funfetti Sprinkle Cake features a creamy vanilla sponge slathered in funfetti buttercream and topped with unicorn-shaped confetti. The enchanting bake also lets you try out the drip cake technique – another popular TikTok trend for 2021!

Meringue Cookies

Views: #meringuecookies gained over 73,100,000 views

Can’t get enough of meringue? Us neither! Why not turn this popular dessert into a tasty snack by baking a batch of mini meringue cookies? With their delicious flavour and colour combos, it’s no surprise that they’re so popular with bakers on TikTok.


Learn how to create rainbow meringue kisses with our easy step-by-step guide. You’ll end up with over a dozen perfectly formed mini meringues featuring rainbow stripes and a little chocolate surprise in their centres. They’re a great one to make for parties or as an afternoon tea treat.


Views: #cakesicles managed to get over 59,600,000 views

If you’ve always wanted to bake an illusion cake, you’ll love this TikTok baking trend! Cakesicles are made entirely out of cake and icing, yet they look just like ice cream bars on sticks when they’re finished.


You can choose to keep it classic by covering your cakesicle in melted chocolate and sprinkles or theme it as we have in our Kawaii Woodland Creature Cakesicles recipe. Inspired by Japanese kawaii (literally meaning ‘cuteness’), you’ll end up with a collection of vanilla cakesicles that have been decorated with chocolate and fondant to look like enchanted woodland animals.

Mini Cakes

Views: #minicake has over 25,200,000 views

Baking for one? Instead of making a huge cake which you know you’ll never finish, why not get on board with the mini cake TikTok trend? 


Our scrumptious Mini Black Forest Gateaux Cakes recipe sees you creating six individual chocolate sponges topped off with a mouth-watering combination of cherries, cream and dark chocolate. The mini cakes are perfect if you want to take your dinner party dessert game to the next level by giving everyone their own individual cake. 


Or you could freeze your mini cakes for later and enjoy the perfect individual portion sizes whenever you get a craving for something sweet. 


Japanese Pancakes

Views: #japanesepancake racked up an impressive 15,200,000 views

If you love tucking into a pile of pancakes, you’ll adore this quirky trend! Giving an Asian spin to a classic breakfast dish, Japanese pancakes are made with crumpet rings to give them the perfect circular shape. 


Follow our Japanese Pancakes recipe which will leave you with a batch of yummy Madagascan vanilla-infused pancakes. To get the perfect rise and fluffiness, you’ll whisk the batter into stiff peaks before you spoon it into your crumpet rings for cooking. 


Searching for even more brilliant baking ideas?

Beth, our resident baking expert, has some top tips for using TikTok as a source of baking inspiration:


“TikTok is such a creative platform, perfect when looking for new ideas of things to bake. As new trends pop up all the time it’s worth favouriting more generic hashtags such as #baking or #cake to see what’s popular at the moment, ready for the next time you need a little bit of baking inspo.


TikTok videos don’t usually detail the quantities of ingredients to use so don’t worry if the first time you try it the bake doesn’t turn out as planned – that’s part of the fun of baking! If you want to try and get it spot on during the first try though, we have recipes for a lot of the most popular TikTok trends on our website”


Feeling inspired to recreate these brilliant baking trends at home? If you do, don’t forget to upload clips of your own delicious bakes and mention Dr. Oetker! We’ve also got a whole host of wonderful recipes to try – from seasonal treats to classic cakes – on our recipes page.