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Limoncello Lemon Curdy Meringue Pudding

Crisp on the outside, gooey on the inside, the zing of lemon cuts through the sweetness for a cleansing burst.

about 4 - 6 Portions

Medium 20 Minutes



For the recipe  Limoncello Lemon Curdy Meringue Pudding

For the Limoncello lemon curdy meringue pudding:

Meringue nests (6 nests, roughly broken)
30 - 45 g Lemon Curd (2-3 tbsp)
30 ml Limoncello (2 tbsp)
300 ml Double Cream (10.5 fl.oz)
about 1 g Lemon Zest (Lemon and lime zest)
30 g Flaked Almonds (2 tbsp)
leaf Mint Leaves (Handful of mint to decorate)




Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks.


Fold in gently the meringues and the Limoncello, then add the lemon curd and mix through roughly so it makes a rippling effect.


Divide between individual glasses and garnish with lemon and lime rind and toasted almonds.

1 portion = 94g

Nutritional Information for the recipe Limoncello Lemon Curdy Meringue Pudding

Per Serving Per 100 g / ml
Energy 1524 kJ
364 kcal
1884 kJ
450 kcal
Fat 33.94 g 41.91 g
Carbohydrate 9.71 g 11.98 g
Protein 2.55 g 3.15 g