Edible Cookie Dough

about 2 - 4 Portions
10 minutes
This quick and easy edible cookie dough recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth in only 10 minutes! Follow our simple recipe and get baking today.
If you've ever made a batch of cookies and struggled to not eat the cookie dough before it made the oven, this is a recipe you'll find yourself making again and again.
Recipe Ingredients
How to Prepare
For a triple chocolatey cookie dough add White Chocolate Chunks and Extra Dark Chocolate Chunks to your mixture.
Your edible cookie dough will keep for 2 days stored in a airtight container in the fridge or you can freeze it for up to 3 months. 
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Recipe Ingredients

For Edible Cookie Dough
100 gPlain Flour (heat treated)
60 gUnsalted butter
40 gLight Brown Sugar
40 gCaster Sugar
5 mlDr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Extract (1 tsp)
about 30 - 45 mlEvaporated Milk (2-3 tbsp)
50 gDr. Oetker Milk Chocolate Chunks

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Picture - Dr. Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Extract (1 tsp)
Picture - Dr. Oetker Milk Chocolate Chunks

First up you need to heat-treat the flour to make sure it’s safe to eat raw. Simply pop the flour into a bowl and heat on high power until it reaches 74°C throughout, you can use a thermometer to test the temperature. If you do not have a thermometer it usually takes about 1 minute 15 seconds to reach this temperature but make sure you heat in 20 second bursts stirring the flour between bursts to ensure it heats evenly. Set aside to cool.


Pop the butter, sugars and Vanilla Extract into a large bowl and beat together until smooth and creamed. Stir in your flour and evaporated milk, add the milk a little at a time as you might not need it all. Finally stir through the Chocolate Chunks.


Pop your edible cookie dough into a container and store in the fridge until you are ready to serve/use it!