Climate Action

When we work together, our little everyday actions can add up to an even bigger difference. From reducing climate impact by recycling more to striving for complete climate neutrality by 2050, we can all act to protect and preserve our shared home.

Our progress
Our Goals

We’re on a journey to achieve complete climate neutrality across our operations, both directly and indirectly, by 2050 – setting long-term goals to get there.

Depending on renewable sources

We’re committed to generating our own renewable energy, supporting the development of wind farms in Turkey and using solar panels in our locations in South Africa, Germany, Italy, Romania, Poland, Hungary and the Netherlands. In our own production sites, we use renewable energy and, since 2022, have sourced solar and wind-powered electricity externally wherever possible – an action that has helped us avoid around 65,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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Embracing energy-efficient processes

We make our food production processes as energy efficient as possible. From switching to more sustainable lighting options to optimising our processes, we are reducing overall energy consumption wherever possible.

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Helping you to recycle more

We are committed to making all our packaging recyclable by 2025. By minimising the amount of packaging we use, prioritising paper materials and avoiding plastic wherever possible, we’re packaging your favourite products more responsibly. Find out other ways we’re minimising waste.

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Farming sustainably

We are working towards deforestation-free supply chains to take care of our planet. Using more sustainable farming methods, such as regenerative agriculture, helps protect biodiversity, preserve soil health and prevent carbon release into the atmosphere. Find out more about how we’re taking action for our planet.

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Your little changes for big impact

We all have a part to play in building a more sustainable future. Here are some actions you can take to work together for a better world.

Try our vegetarian and plant-based options

Did you know that swapping meat for vegetarian or plant-based alternatives every once in a while can help create a smaller carbon footprint? That’s because these alternatives typically need less water, require less land and produce fewer greenhouse gases – resulting in a much lower environmental impact. 

For example, the tasty ingredients of our Ristorante al Salame Vegano produce just over half the carbon compared to our classic meat-based Ristorante Salame.

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Tasty plant-based recipes

Top tips to help you create delicious plant-based food.

Save energy by skipping oven preheating

All you need to do is check on your food a bit more often and leave it in the oven slightly longer. Overall, the oven will still be on for less time than if you preheat. The result? Less energy used, fewer carbon emissions and the same delicious bakes!

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Recycle your packaging

We’re taking steps to make our paper and plastic packaging as recyclable as possible so that when you’ve finished preparing your tasty treats, it’s easy to separate and recycle your waste. Learn more about our recycling labelling system.

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Discover our sustainability journey

There are many ways we can all bake sustainability into our everyday actions. Across our five focus areas – Nutrition, Sustainable Ingredients, Minimising Waste, Climate Action and Inclusivity – we’re taking steps that, little by little, make a big difference. By working together, we can create a better tomorrow.


We’re moving towards more sustainable ingredients, reduced salt and sugar, more plant-based options and more recyclable packaging.

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