Minimising Waste

Little everyday choices add up to a big difference when we make them together. That’s why we’re not only reducing food waste in our own kitchens but also sharing tips and recipes to help us all reduce food waste. By 2025, we aim for all our packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable, so we can all play our part in reducing waste. We’re also working on making it even easier to know what can and cannot be separated and recycled.

Tasty products in responsible packaging

We use as little material as possible in our product packaging and make sure that the materials we do use are recyclable wherever possible. End of 2023 we’ve reached recyclability for 88% of our products produced on our own manufacturing sites. Read more about our position on recycled material.

Prioritising paper

Using recyclable paper packaging wherever possible makes it easier for you to recycle materials and play your part in moving towards a more sustainable future. All our folding pizza boxes already consist of 70–80% recycled material.

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Reducing plastic packaging

Any time it’s necessary to use plastic, we try to use recyclable plastic wherever possible – diverting more waste from the environment. Wherever it makes sense, we try to avoid plastic lids on chilled desserts. Since 2022, plastic lids are no longer used for all products possible such as the High Protein Pudding and the whole loVE it! range. In this way, we can expect to avoid around 117 tonnes of plastic per year – the equivalent of about 40 full truckloads!

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Making recycling easy

We know that it’s sometimes difficult to understand which packaging components can be recycled. That’s why we’re working on labelling across all our packaging to provide clear information about packaging materials, so that it can be correctly separated and disposed of into the recycling bin.

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Minimising food waste

Together, we can take steps towards tackling food waste. Did you know that 6–8% of climate emissions come from wasted food? Luckily, we have the chance to change this. Let’s explore different ways to see leftover food as a great opportunity – from preventing food waste by repurposing ingredients to transforming old ingredients into something brand new.

Fighting food waste

At Dr. Oetker, we’re getting creative when it comes to tackling waste – from repurposing excess pizza dough into new batches to recycling leftover cheese that doesn’t land on the pizza. We’re always looking for opportunities to reduce food waste as we create our products so that, by 2025, we can reduce the food waste generated in our warehouses and production by 25%.

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Bringing your leftovers to life

There is an opportunity in leftover food. Whether you decide to blend, boil or bake, you have the power to turn overripe fruit ingredients into something delicious. From smoothies and jams to sweet bakes, a touch of magic in the kitchen can give new life to old ingredients.

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Too good to waste

We guarantee that our products are best until the ‘best before’ date, with many products good to eat long after this date; however, we always recommend looking, smelling and using your best judgement before throwing any food away.

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Baking with care

Transform a ripe banana into a delicious treat.

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Discover our sustainability journey

There are many ways we can all bake sustainability into our everyday actions. Across our five focus areas – Nutrition, Sustainable Ingredients, Minimising Waste, Climate Action and Inclusivity – we’re taking steps that, little by little, make a big difference. By working together, we can create a better tomorrow.


We’re moving towards more sustainable ingredients, reduced salt and sugar, more plant-based options and more recyclable packaging.

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