Dr. Oetker Panebello

A deep pizza with a difference!

Our unique bakery crust pizza - crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. More

Dr. Oetker Tradizionale

Stoneoven oven pizza made the Italian way!

Baked directly on hot stone to give that authentic stonebaked taste. More

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Baking and Cooking with Dr. Oetker - Quality Is The Best Recipe

Trust, sustainability and credibility are extremely important factors in the Dr. Oetker family business, and we have developed with these values at the core of the business, and now enjoy a reputation as one of the most trusted food brands internationally.  Established over 120 years ago in Germany, by the pharmacist Dr. August Oetker. He developed “Backin”, a high quality Baking Powder, packed in convenient individual sachets, which guaranteed perfect results every time. Today, our full range of baking ingredients, decorations and pizzas are made with the finest and best quality ingredients which still promise perfect results every time.
As a family with a long tradition and experience, Dr. Oetker knows that for many households cooking and baking is particularly important, so the high and constant quality of the products is important to us.
Over generations, the Dr. Oetker brand has been a sign of outstanding taste, the highest quality and a guarantee of perfect results every time – re-enforcing consumer choice. The brand always meets consumer expectations and prides itself in meeting ever changing consumer needs with new and innovative products.
With the statement “Quality is the best recipe” Dr. Oetker underlines the importance it places on the high quality of its products. As well as delighting consumers, Dr. Oetker brand quality also means product safety ensured by the careful selection of raw materials as well as by the fulfilment of stringent quality standards throughout the production process. Major importance is attached equally to production under socially acceptable and environmentally sound conditions. At Dr. Oetker, the focus on quality also means caring about the way we use our ingredients, ensuring manufacturing processes don’t generate any excessive waste.

Here at Oetker.co.uk, you have the oppertunity to browse through our Recipe Search page, containing our collection of over 250 delicious recipes, for both novice and experienced bakers. We also have helpful Hints and Tips to help you with your baking, as well as a collection of Recipe Booklets which you can read and download. You can also find out more about each of our products from the Dr. Oetker home baking and frozen pizzas range. If you love baking as much as we do, you can sign up to the Dr. Oetker Home Baking Newsletter, where you can hear about all the latest news, offers, recipes and events! If you have any questions, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions pages, or contact our Consuer Response Team via the Contact Form. You can also learn all about Dr. Oetker business, including our social commitment and quality pledge.

Discover the Dr. Oetker Product Range

Whether you live in a single household or a member of a large family - with Dr. Oetker you find the right products for any occasion and easy recipes for cooking and baking. The Dr. Oetker test kitchen develop delicious cooking and baking ideas with which you can surprise your loved ones. Let us inspire you! In our Get Creative pages of the website, you can browse recipes by theme. Browse on oetker.co.uk for dinner party recipes, cupcake recipes, dessert recipes, cake recipes and much more! Each recipe idea is tested by the test kitchen so that we can give you the perfect recipe. Browse the Dr. Oetker website and get to know the entire range of products that will help you in baking and cooking. Whether you are looking for simple baking ideas or ingredients for an elaborate dessert - in the wide range of products from Dr. Oetker baking and cooking you'll find it. 

Dr. Oetker – Business and Career

Dr. Oetker has succeeded for decades to win the trust of consumers. Due to the reliable, high quality products and constant innovation, the Dr. Oetker brand enjoys a reputation as one of the most trusted food brands internationally. In a history spanning well over one hundred years, the guiding principles have never been aimed at short term profit maximisation, but always directed towards the sustainable economic development of the company. At oetker.co.uk you can discover facts about Dr. Oetker or find out about the company's history. In the Press pages you can find current information at a glance.

Looking for a company that provides you with a challenge, growth and development opportunities? Then welcome to Dr. Oetker. For more than 100 years, our products have shaped fascinating markets and continually delighted consumers through quality and innovation. We invite you to discover our company and explore the opportunities in an environment where we support you and your professional success. Visit our Career pages to view our international job board.

Dr. Oetker - Quality is the best recipe.