Edible Christmas Tree Decorations

12 Portions
90 minutes
Add a festive touch to your Christmas with this Edible Christmas Tree Decoration. These delightful biscuits are perfect for creating a joyful atmosphere.
Enjoy a precious Christmas memory of baking up a batch of Edible Christmas Tree Decorations with the kids and icing sweet designs on top. Be sure to take lots of pictures for the photo albums. Not only is this a great baking activity to keep the kids entertained, they make delicious treats to be ...
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How to Prepare
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Why not try creating an edible advent calendar?
Double up the biscuit dough mixture to make 24 biscuits. When decorating each biscuit number 1-24. Wrap the decorated biscuits in cellophane and place on your Christmas tree and begin the Christmas countdown!
Keeping your biscuits fresh!
These biscuits should last 2-3 weeks if kept in an airtight container. If you are planning of putting them on a tree you can pop them in clear wrap and they should last up to 2 weeks.
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