Woodland Christmas Yule Log Cake

about 16 - 20 slices
270 minutes
This Woodland Christmas Yule Log brings the magic of the forest to your festivities, with edible chocolate bark and a moist Swiss roll sponge. Get baking.
This Woodland Christmas Yule Log will help to create lasting memories with every slice.
Recipe Ingredients
How to Prepare
Working with chocolate can be tricky to start with but once you recognise the stages of chocolate as it sets, it will become much easier. If the chocolate is too soft, it won’t hold shape, and if it is too firm it will splinter instead of curling. Unless your kitchen is very warm, avoid putting chocolate in the fridge as this is likely to cause the chocolate to set too quickly and become too firm to work with.
A large bladed knife works well for making long curls, but you may prefer to use a scraper or similar flat, thin blade. The trick is to get the blade in between the board and the bottom of the chocolate layer so the chocolate almost peels away from the board as you apply pressure to the knife. You may find it easier to work the chocolate by pushing the knife away from you, but make sure the tray or board of chocolate is wedged so that you have something to push against.
The easiest chocolate for curling is one with a higher fat v cocoa content.
If you find the curls are too tightly wound, it may be possible to prise them apart slightly before the chocolate sets completely, otherwise, leave them to harden off in a cool place and then carefully try to separate them. Any shards that don’t curl can either be re-melted, or broken up and used as shavings which you could roll the cake in instead if you prefer.
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