What to do with Leftover Cake

Save your leftover cake and give it a new lease of life (a scrummy one at that), here are our top five ideas of how to reuse leftover cake.
Cake Pops
Picture - Cake Pops

One of the most common uses for leftover cake is to make cake pops. These delicious treats are super easy to make too. So, how to make cake pops with leftover cake? All you need is your leftover cake of course, some  Buttercream, 35% Milk Chocolate and sprinkles. 
It’s just case of blitzing your leftover sponge in the food processor and mixing with your buttercream to create your pops. Once they’ve been in the fridge for half an hour you can decorate them with your melted chocolate and sprinkles. It’s simple and fun! Check out our cake pops recipe for your precise instructions.

Bread and Butter Pudding
Picture - Hot Cross Bun Pudding

Everyone loves bread and butter pudding. It’s also a great way to use stale and leftover bread.
But have you ever tried bread and butter pudding without the bread? Well, you can substitute the bread with some leftover cake to create a beautifully delicious and decadent dessert. You can learn how to make bread and butter pudding with leftover cake with our bread and butter hot cross bun recipe.

Cake Slices

A great way to avoid food waste is to make cake slices out of your leftover sponge. All you need to do is slice up your existing cake and then decorate each slice with your favourite topping. You can even mix up the toppings you use. We love our lemon and white chocolate slices as well as our Pimm’s cake bites for that perfect summer recipe. They really are a treat! 

Cake Crumbs
Picture - Apple Crumble Slice

Texture is so important to a delicious dessert, and there’s nothing like a little crunch to get those tastebuds going. Why not use your leftover cake to create cake crumbs?
And to get that perfect crunch, all you need to do is bake the crumbs a little – they make the ideal topping to sprinkle onto your ice cream. Or why not add some crumbs to a bowl of fruit and stewed fruit, to add that extra bit of sweetness?
You can also use your leftover cake crumbs in our apple and blackberry crumble cake.

Undecorated Cake
Picture - Coronation Trifle

There are endless options for using up a spare sponge. Why not make a trifle? The sponge soaks up all the fruit juices and custard, making it absolutely delicious. Simply make layers of cake, fruit, and custard and top with your favourite toppings.
Making a batch of your favourite cookies? Why not add some cake crumb into the dough to make them extra crunchy and delicious.
And have you ever heard of cake French toast? This is a great way to use up leftover cake. Just whip up an egg batter, dip the cake slices in the batter, then griddle until the edges have browned nicely. Yum! 

Tips for Storing Leftover Cake

If you don’t have time to use up your leftover cake straightaway you can always freeze it. Just follow these simple steps.
·       Let the cake completely cool before wrapping.
·       Wrap the cake in several layers of cling film and then add a layer of foil.
·       Place it in a freezer-safe container.
·       Pop in the freezer and freeze for up to three months.
When the time comes, it’s super easy to defrost your cake too. Simply take the cake out of the freezer a day before you need it and transfer to the fridge still in its container and wrapping. It will take about eight hours to completely thaw out in the fridge. Our detailed guide to freezing cakes walks you through the process of freezing then defrosting your cake.
If you’re not planning on storing your leftover cake in the freezer, an airtight container at room temperature is ideal for your sponge cake – the fridge will dry it out. If you have a full sponge, don’t slice it until you’re ready to eat it as again this will dry it out.
You can also store some cakes in the fridge, including fresh cream cakes and cheesecake.
Leftover cake should never go in the bin. With these handy tips and leftover cake ideas you can transform it into something equally delicious. And you’ll be reducing food waste at the same time. 

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