Three Chocolate Terrine

10 slices
50 minutes
Perfect for any occasion, these irresistible treats will leave you wanting more.
Try our three chocolate terrine. Made with delicious chocolate, blended with smooth cream and lovely crafted to create three distinct and mouth-watering flavours.
Recipe Ingredients
How to Prepare
You will find that when the melted darker chocolates are combined with the cream the mixture stiffens quickly, so use the chocolate when it is warm and the cream at room temperature in order to achieve a smooth, finished texture. To learn all the tips about how to melt chocolate, follow our handy guide!
For chocolate curls, the chocolate needs to be just at the right texture for making perfect curls; ideally you want the chocolate to be slightly under-set in order for the oils in the chocolate to remain pliable. Try to avoid chilling any chocolate you want to use in this way as it will become brittle and will splinter if over-cold. It is best to allow chocolate to come back to room temperature before attempting to make such decorations if you do have to refrigerate it. To know how to make grated chocolate, read our handy guide!
Store dessert in the fridge until ready to serve. If it is a hot day, don't leave the terrine out for too long as it could melt.
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