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Tips for Icing a Cake

Tips for using Regal-Ice

Ensure that you knead the paste until it is warm and pliable.
We also recommend that you lightly dust your work surface with icing sugar so it doesn't stick to the surface– however be careful not to add too much icing sugar as this will cause the icing to dry out and cause cracking.
Wrap any unused icing in polythene or foil to prevent it drying out.
When covering your cake, gently lift the icing over the cake (use your rolling pin for support) and take care not to stretch the icing over the edges of the cake as cracks will appear.
After you have iced your cake, wrap a small ball of icing (the size of a golf ball) in cling film and rub this over your icing to create an extra smooth finish.
If cracks do appear don't panic, add a very small amount of icing sugar over the crack and 'polish' the icing with either a smoother or flat of your hand. You can always cover up any imperfections with decorations!