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Spooktacular Games

Fang-tastic games for all the family

This collection of brilliant ghostly games is perfect for all your family and friends to enjoy this Halloween. Scroll further down for more ghoulish games, tricks and treats.

Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for apples is a classic game to play around Halloween. Bob for apples in a cold tub of water to retrieve an apple, the splashing, shivering and general hilarity provide plenty of entertainment for everyone.




Large tub of cold water



1. Fill the tub with cold water, put apples into the water

2. Players take it in turns to have a go at bobbing their faces into the tub of water to try and bite and retrieve an apple. Winner is the first one to get an apple. 

If players are rather advanced, time it to make it more fun! 

Dangling Donuts


Dangling Donuts is a fun and easy game to play, simply dangle donuts on a piece of string and attempt to eat them, REMEMBER not to use your hands!








1. Tie a length of string between two trees or if playing inside between two corners of the room just high enough so the players can stand underneath it. Next tie pieces of ribbon around the donut and attach to the string, one above each player

2. After the count to three players must eat an entire donut, without the donut falling from the ribbon.

REMEMBER.. No hands allowed

First to finish wins. No prizes, they've just eaten the whole donut! YUM

Petrifying Pass the Parcel

Are you brave enough to unwrap the mystery package and see what's inside? Pass the parcel around the room peeling off layers of wrapping paper one at a time to see what is inside the petrifying parcel. What will be inside? That's for you to decide, a trick or a treat!