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How to make Curled Chocolate Bark Technique...

Pour the melted chocolate onto a cooled marble board or cooled upturned baking tray.

Smooth the chocolate out onto the board until a smooth thin layer of chocolate is formed.

Leave the chocolate to begin to set, the chocolate will dull in colour as it set. To make the chocolate curls the chocolate should be nearly set – when you touch the chocolate you should leave a slight finger print but it shouldn’t be sticky.

Using a sharp knife, hold at a 20-30° angle and scrape under chocolate to begin the curl, use your hands to help start the chocolate curling if needed. Continue scraping the chocolate until you reach the end of the board.

Place the chocolate curl onto a tray lined with greaseproof paper and repeat until you have enough curls to go around the cake (about 20-30 curls depending on the width of the curls).

Place your curls in the fridge to set until required.