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How to make own Christmas Jumper Biscuits...

Roll each coloured fondant and cut out the jumper shape. Brush each biscuit with honey and place the fondant jumpers on top. Do this for each coloured fondant so you have various coloured jumpers.

Place the melted milk chocolate into a piping bag and pipe a reindeer face into the centre of each jumper.

Smooth the chocolate if needed and leave to set.

Whilst the chocolate is setting make the features, use marzipan to make antlers by rolling a small sausage shape and cutting the end to make the antler shape. Roll a small ball of marzipan for the eyes and blob a tiny drop of chocolate to create the pupil. Roll a small sausage shape out of marzipan slightly bigger than the antler a bend to make a smiley mouth. Roll a small ball of red fondant for the nose. Make sure you have enough features for all your reindeers.

Place the features onto the reindeer’s faces.

Use the writing icing the decorate the jumpers.